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Columbia Falls, a small town known as the Gateway to Glacier, lies just a few short miles south of Glacier National Park. The town has been around since 1891, and was in need of an identity that everyone could be proud of. The entire community needed something they could proudly wear that truly represented Columbia Falls and the people that inhabit it.


We weren't taking this lightly. We wanted to hear from everyone. We wanted to know what made this town tick, what it collectively believed in, and what made people proud of their town. Project leader, and valued community member, O'brien Byrd, assembled a team of C-Falls residents ranging from baristas to teachers to town council members and we talked it out for hours. And then again. And again. Hours and hours. 

We knew that this word "gateway" had to go. The connotations of this word "gateway" were always that Columbia Falls was just a stop on the way to something better. People were proud that in the rugged, beautiful terrain of Montana, their little town had been through a lot, yet they still lived there. Columbia Falls residents are generally tough, but a friendly kind of tough. Every day seems to bring adventure of some sort. That settles it, we thought, adventure lives here.  A tagline was born.


What an honor it was to be asked to create a visual identity for an entire town. Seriously. We approached this project with a humble sense of responsibility-- how do you take a small town with its history, stories, ups, downs, people, and opinions and create ONE unifying visual mark that encapsulates the spirit of the entire town?

We had to get it right. 


  • Logo & Brand Development

  • Video Production

  • Web Development & UX

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