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​Glacier Park Inc’s collateral was dated. Like, really dated. Put plainly, it was no longer meeting the needs of the largest lodging operator in the state of Montana.

​Additionally, they were launching “Explore Glacier,” a new rental and adventure booking agency in Glacier National Park. With a substantial portion of GPI’s business coming from booking 3rd party activities, they wanted to create a one-stop shop for meeting the needs of all vacationers in Glacier National Park.


  • Creative Direction

  • Campaign Creation

  • Campaign Management

  • Copy Writing

  • Design

  • Project Management

  • Maps


​Glacier Park Inc operates seven lodging properties in and around Glacier National Park. They also sell 3rd party bookings for dozens of local companies. With this many lines of business they have a great deal of information to present. Adding to the complexity is the fact that the lodging properties are spread all around Glacier National Park, so communicating geographic locations of everything is an important step in the process.


This presented us with the unique opportunity to completely rethink how they presented their wide variety of offerings to current and future guests. Think of it less like a breath of fresh air and more like an F5 tornado.

We began with the collateral by creating a completely custom map that was playful, useful, and easy to read. We featured properties and wildlife using stunning photos from local photographers. This allowed us to really show customers that GPI has a place for you to stay no matter what area of Glacier National Park you want to explore.

To build the logo for Explore Glacier, we wanted to show the spirit of adventure that lies at the heart of the company. So we settled on a set of four icons that helped define the different services offered and could be easily applied to future applications. This branding was applied to numerous uses including banners, signs, uniforms, advertisements and websites.

​We tied this information all together with beautiful imagery from local photographers to showcase the GPI brand while presenting something bold and exciting to tourists in Glacier National Park.



Wheelie Creative exceeded all my expectations of what this project could look like. I am blown away by the results, and our guests and employees are, too. Everything looks amazing!”

- Melissa Baker Director of Guest Experience, Glacier Park, Inc.

Explore Glacier successfully launched in June 2015 and opened up a effective new revenue stream in a competitive marketplace benefiting both Glacier Park Inc as well as their local activity vendors. The new collateral piece is in distribution throughout the world and has drawn numerous compliments for its ability to present a great deal of information in a straightforward manner while still keeping things fun.


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