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Industry Nine components are handmade with the utmost attention to detail... so they deserve to look just as good as they ride. i9 asked us to rework their website UX design, a project which then morphed into a brand positioning workshop and a sparkly new brand book for their team. This badass crew from Asheville, NC now has a unified voice and style that represents their serious technical prowess and less serious fun side. Ride on!


  • Brand Positioning Workshop

  • Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • UX

  • Brand Book Design

  • Copywriting


Industry Nine's previous website was dark, difficult to maneuver, and lacking the polished look their components embody. We met with their team to provide UX recommendations, creative direction, and design strategy for their new website that would be modern and fresh while appealing to their target customers.

website motion graphic


The new Industry Nine site embraces the colorful nature of i9's custom components. The site welcomes both first-time customers and seasoned shoppers with an easy-to-navigate menu and clear path to purchase. The imagery used allows the components to shine and illustrates the hands-on production process. This website combines the expertise held by i9's team without feeling exclusive.

new i9 website motion graphic

Our team also tackled Industry Nine's product pages - using a clean white background to allow the bright colors of the wheels and hubs to pop. Product pages feature the most important specs in big, bold type to let customers know what they're looking at. We also added fun photos of the Industry Nine team to each wheelset page as an homage to the handmade process and small business attitude Industry Nine embraces.

Product page
Wheelset category page

Cohesive look.

Color pops.


Industry Nine product image grid
brand book cover
brand story spread
Industry Nine brand book


Every brand needs a brand book. The brand book allows every employee to have tangible guidelines on how the brand looks, feels, speaks, and acts in any situation. A detailed brand book keeps your brand aligned across all platforms and communication channels - internally and externally. 




The details make the difference, and we believe that great work should be celebrated. Seeing the attention and care Industry Nine puts into their products, it was clear that this level of detail needed to be applied to all brand marketing. We explored every nook and cranny of the brand to ensure all customers - new and seasoned - understand the level of care that goes into each component. This level of transparency and brand recognition connects everyone in a thoughtful and appealing way, and attracts more people to join the fun. 

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