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If outdoor brands and outdoor professionals were two halves of an Oreo cookie, Outdoor Prolink would be the creme filling deliciously joining them together. Meet the magical online marketplace pairing gear with gearheads.

The OP team needed a website refresh in order to effectively communicate to their two different customer groups and make their site enticing to new members. We stepped up to the challenge and created a website as fun and energetic as the Prolink team.


  • Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Site Map

  • UX Design

  • Custom Line Art and Illustrations

  • Copywriting


Outdoor Prolink's previous home page was wordy, difficult to navigate, and frankly a little bland.

The spirit of the site certainly didn't match the playful typography used in the header, and the grey and black motifs made the page feel dark and lackluster. The description of how the site works buries the lede in the third paragraph: pros get pro deal discounts by signing up for the program.

This site also only spoke to outdoor professionals about how to sign up for the program - completely leaving out information on how to get signed up to participate as a brand. This was a missed opportunity and was contributing to a high lead cost for Outdoor Prolink when sourcing their participating brands. The OP site desperately needed a total overhaul - and we were up for the challenge.

Screenshot of Outdoor Prolink website prior to Wheelie update
Outdoor Prolink website pages



The new Outdoor Prolink site embraces the bright colors and adventurous spirit of the brand. We simplified the navigation and used graphic icons to clearly communicate how Outdoor Prolink makes a difference. Features like the swoosh shape, custom line art, and typographic illustrations bring personality and interest to the site, keeping users engaged while scrolling. 

​This new design clearly differentiates between brands and pros on the landing page, and then ushers the user through the information they need to know. This creates a polished, compelling site that makes both outdoor professionals and outdoor brands intrigued about the possibilities.

unique typographic illustrations

custom line art

brand testimonials provide partnership value

simplified offerings container

distinct swoosh shape creating visual interest throughout the site

upfront explainer containers simplify the partnership funnel

small line art details


Since we launched our new website we have gotten dozens of brand leads - we had never gotten leads from our website before. We are so stoked. This redesign was so critical to our business and we are so glad we went with WHEELIE."

- Kenzie Rodriguez / Head of Marketing & Membership

Screenshot of Outdoor Prolink website after Wheelie update

distinct sales funnel "Pro" vs. "Brand"

outdoor illustration overlays

branded banner refresh

strong CTA's throughout

branded banner designs

consistant branded color schemes throughout

cohesive design details throughout

updated pro testimonial container

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