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What does it feel like to go outside? This brand campaign answers that question and captures the wide range of human experiences in the outdoors. The full video follows nine unique outdoor stories, illustrating that we all explore the outdoors differently - but we all start by getting dressed. These stories show all the best days begin the same ways.


  • Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Video Conception 

  • Location Scouting and Model Casting

  • Videography + Production

  • Pre-Production

  • Music Licensing

  • Post-Production

young boy with bike helmet and sunglasses looking at camera
man with beard laughing and looking at camera
Man wearing bike helmet smiling at camera
woman drinking coffee out of mug
dad hugging son and smiling
woman wearing beanie smiling at camera
Woman smiling at camera


When Polartec calls and asks, "Can you create a brand video in time for a premiere at Outdoor Retailer?" we say:

"heck yes!"

This campaign was strategically built upon a legacy brand video, which mindfully had the capability to break down into nine individual character vignettes for a cohesive, versatile branded campaign.


Each character featured in the legacy video has their own stand-alone story, resulting in short clips targeting a range of audiences. This strategy allows Polartec to use the captured footage across multiple platforms and to build brand recognition around the Best Days campaign through multiple lenses. (This is the Swiss Army Knife of brand videos.)



Short bursts of character and creativity. Explore these different adventure perspectives.

These individual stories reveal what drives a true outdoor enthusiast.

Screeshot showing Polartec's website with Best Days video embedded


The campaign ran for over a year, and had prime real estate on the Polartec main page.

woman stretching next to a tent
four kayakers walking down a dirt road



People really connected with this one, and it resulted in a lot of happy tears. In addition to creating social content that ran for months, this campaign infused a textile brand with humanity. It reclaimed the conversation around who Polartec is as a brand, and achieved corporate buy-in for even bigger video campaigns with a strong stance for inclusion in the outdoors. Craft, connection, and change - once again confirming that creative work can change the world. 

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