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Episode 24: Walmart Parking Lots with Ash Bocast

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

This week we talked to Ash Bocast, co-founder of Roam Events. Ash chatted about what a work/life balance looks like when you live in a teal school bus, the action-packed weekend of shred that is Roam Bike Fest, and plans the ladies of Roam have for the future to continue rocking the mountain bike world. Also included is her award for "Best View Out of a Walmart Parking Lot." Leave us a comment or review to let us know what you think! Happy listening!

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episode transcript

Lisa: What's up, all you outdoor creatives and marketing managers and editorial people. Welcome back to Outside by Design. I am your host, Lisa Slagle, owner of Wheelie Creative which is a creative agency for people who thrive outside. Thanks for being here today. Today I am talking to you Ash Bocast. One of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Ash owns Roam events with her partner Andi and they put on the legendary Roam Bike Fest, which is probably the funnest, most legendary event in mountain biking for ladies. Today Ash is talking about Roam Bike Fest, which the next one is happening at the end of October in Sedona. And their plans for 2019, and if you would like to know the best Walmart parking lot in the country as far as beautiful views go, you're going to want to listen to this podcast. Yeah, enjoy the podcast.

Lisa: Well, Ash. Thank you so much for being here on the podcast today.

Ash: Yeah, thanks for having me.

Lisa: The first question we ask everyone is to describe where you are right now.

Ash: I am in a parking lot outside of Barnes & Noble in Bend, Oregon. It's a lovely day and there's lots of traffic.

Lisa: I know exactly where you are. I lived in Bend, Oregon for a summer.

Ash: Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. The Safeway is close by and Costco, all of our favorite spots that we end up at in and around events.

Lisa: Amazing. Do you know where I am right now?

Ash: I did get a text message from one of your co-workers with a video of you in a closet. I think it's a great place to record! It's what all the great podcasters have been doing since the beginning of podcasting. So.

Lisa: Yeah, and I didn't know... I didn't know we were going to record a podcast today and this is the quietest place I could find.

Ash: Well, I think it's totally appropriate.

Lisa: Yeah, I have the podcast mic on like a bucket of paint or something, something, and so it's really classy.

Ash: Hustlers gotta hustle.

Lisa: So I'm really excited about Roam Bike Fest that's coming up. And for everyone who doesn't know Andi and Ash - so I’ll let you talk about y ourselves - travel around in a bus, in a big teal bus. So tell everybody all about it because if they see you on the road, they need to know who you are.

Ash: Yeah, you know, especially because we have not gotten around to branding said bus. Yeah, so I own a company called Roam events with my partner Andi Zoltan and Andi’s actually inside sending off emails planning our 2019 schedule right now. So she's not here in the bus with me. But we travel around the country hosting several different kinds of women's mountain bike events. So the big shebang to end our 2018 season is Roam Bike Fest that's happening at the end of October in Sedona, Arizona. Three-day women's mountain bike festival. It's the only one in the world. Our whole gig across our events is that we don't do skills clinics, like we're just here to ride bikes and have fun and provide other learning opportunities - like how to work on your bike, like, how does a suspension work? How do I plan Adventure travel? Those kinds of things. So Roam Bike Fest that's a big focus, like demoing bikes, shopping all the awesome apparel vendors that we have coming, and really just kind of giving ladies an opportunity to ride with one another in an inclusive and supportive environment that’s really really really fun. And then next year we are gearing up to host 10 different Retreats that we call our Roam Retreats around the country. And those are all inclusive women's mountain bike vacations. And when I say all-inclusive it is like the real deal. So you show up, we provide Specialized bikes too - their carbon bikes are super high-end, really fun to play on - we do all the food, we provide beer and wine and we even go out and buy some tequila and margaritas on occasion. And we've got shuttles and if we go to a place that has lift access we pay for your lift tickets. I mean, it's just, it's really the all-inclusive vacation experience. And then we do a few other events aside from Roam Bike Fest and Roam Retreats. You can tell by how long I'm talking that we do a lot. And that is the Sturdy Dirty Enduro, which is a women's only Enduro that happens in the Pacific Northwest, super fun day of racing. We get typically about 200 Racers out to shred the Gnar and there's lots of bacon and burritos and maybe some alcoholic beverages that take place. And then lastly we are partnering with Rebecca Rusch to help her launch and continue to promote her training academies that she's doing next summer and we have recently got involved with her event Rebecca's Private Idaho, which is a really fun multi-day gravel race that happens in Sun Valley. Yeah. So we keep ourselves busy.

Lisa: Yeah, it's insane. I don't know when you sleep. Well, usually we... it's... I know where we usually sleep which is usually like on the side of the road outside of a house somewhere. There are times that we don't sleep much. But we nest in the winter. So we just kind of go into hibernation and it all works out.

Lisa: That's right, are you going to spend the winter in Colorado?

Ash: We are actually... we are going to be in Seattle with Andi's folks for a bit and in California with my family for a little bit and then there is talk about maybe going to Sandpoint, Idaho. And yeah, and staying with some friends who have some carpentry skills and buildings that would be conducive to doing a redesign for the bus build out. So that should... we love playing with power tools. So that's conducive to that. [laughs]

Lisa: I would love if you guys were in Sandpoint because that's just a short drive from Whitefish.

Ash: I know yeah, it's not too far, hey? Yeah, so this winter we are going to be a little bit more mobile. Last winter we posted up in Colorado. And that was totally appropriate for the... the game plan for last winter, but I think this winter… we travel so much, we don't get to see our families much. So just kind of spending some quality time with them is a priority for us and we're really lucky that we get to create a schedule that kind of allows for us to do that and longer periods of time.

Lisa: Beautiful, beautiful life.

Ash: Yeah.

Lisa: So Roam Bike Fest, funnest event in the whole wide world.

Ash: It's pretty damn fun. [laughs]

Lisa: A couple weeks ago I was in Copper Harbor, Michigan. Do you know where that is?

Ash: Yeah. Yeah, they do the Copper Harbor Women’s weekend there.

Lisa: Yeah. I was just there doing shuttles. Like in the van in the middle of nowhere and I had on my Roam Jersey that I like to wear while biking. And this woman came up to me and she was like have you been to Roam Bike Fest? I was like, yes, I have been. And she's like, is it as fun as I've been hearing? And I was like, multiply whatever you have in your head x 3.

Ash: Oh my gosh. I hope it's that fun. It's really fun for us, which is really weird because I mean, even my concept of event management is, you know, your events, if you do them well, should not necessarily be bad stressful. Like, events inherently are stressful and that's totally comes with... and I thrive on stress. So it's actually fun for me. But to just genuinely and gleefully and maybe a little bit drunkenly be having so much fun during one of my own events is still a pretty strange concept. But yeah, we... I mean even at our Retreats and at the Sturdy Dirty and at Rebecca's events, we have a blast. But I think it's kind of exactly what you said, like, it's amplified at Roam Bike Fest. And I think that just has to do with the number of ladies there and the vendors are just all super on board. We send out this ridiculous email to them, like, kind of setting the stage and managing expectations. And yeah, a lot of it is just like we're here to have fun and we're here to party and if you're planning on standing in your tent being boring all weekend, like don't bother coming. And they totally get with the program and they throw down some pretty epic experiences that just really add to the whole vibe.

Lisa: Yeah. And you get to try on all the gear and ride all the bikes and…

Ash: Yeah, it is crazy how many bikes we have coming. Like, like, people are asking, you know, oh I'm flying. I'm traveling from far away or like my bike just is not something that I really wanted to try riding in Sedona because it needs a little help. Can I like, just plan on demoing a bike? And we have I think like six or seven bike companies coming so, you know, Specialized, Liv Cycling, Yeti Cycles, Pivot, Ibis, Rocky Mountain is coming. We might have one or two others that we're trying to squeeze into the venue. We have a super small, intentionally a very small venue to keep things really intimate and kind of like summer camp feeling, but yeah, one of the drawbacks of that is we have to say no once we fill up the spaces and we're kind of in that... we're like, can we fit somebody over the site cactus garden bush area? Like, could we make that work? So yeah, so a tremendous number of bikes and it's not like the other huge bike festivals where you're lining up at 6 a.m. and like sprinting to go get a bike. We purposely have the number of bikes is kind of congruent with the number of people we hope to have come to the event. So that you know, you can go demo the bike that you want in a size that you want as many times as you want. You know that... take that with a grain of salt, like, that doesn't always play out, but generally speaking it's really about having intimate interactions with the demo driver who can get you set up on a bike. And you're not just like, you know a cattle getting prodded through the rows and rows and rows and rows of tents trying to scramble to get a bike in your size. We definitely want it to be more fun, more relaxing, and have the time to go and, like, ask questions about the products that you're potentially riding or buying or you know, whatever it is. So definitely more small-scale, more relaxed and yeah. We use the word fun a lot, but a lot more fun.

Lisa: Yeah, I like it. The Brevard run bike fest that I was at. I was trying the 650b plus wheels, I was doing 29ers, like I got to ride things I wouldn't normally get to ride and... you know, I might have to get a 29er next.

Ash: I have... I'm on all 29ers and I used to be a 29er hater and I think like the engineering and technology for bikes have just come a long way in the last couple of years and, man. They are way more playful and less boat feeling than they used to be. So, yeah, and... and I think the other thing too about Roam Bike Fest is something we're really proud of and really proud of our partners for investing in is that we provide a lot of educational opportunities that are not skills clinics. So we have a million friends who are fantastic coaches, and we actually are probably some of the biggest proponents and supporters of people going and taking skills clinics - not just women but guys too. But that's just not the experience that we provide. But we understand and appreciate that having a learning experiences is... can really be awesome as well. So, you know, we have Sarah from i9 coming to give a workshop on like, what is the difference between crappy wheels and a really awesome wheelset and like why are hubs made differently? And what the hell is that clicking sound when like you hear a quote nice hub? So just different learning opportunities and ways to engage with other women in the industry and other mountain bikers from around the country and even Canada and we might have some ladies from some other countries coming. It's just it's really exciting. It's really fun, fun weekend.

Lisa: Yeah. I'll be there.

Ash: Yeah, that's right.

Lisa: Yeah. I'm going to see who else from Wheelie wants to come but you know…

Ash: All of them.

Lisa: [laughs] Probably. It’s so much fun. We're just going to have to shut down the office and go ride bikes. Yeah, shoot.

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Lisa: So, okay. Do you know what I have always wanted to ask you but I've never had the time to ask you?

Ash: No, ask!

Lisa: Okay, because I run a business and you run a business and we're always working and so what is it like, because sometimes I'm just like oh that looks like the best life ever and sometimes I'm like, whoa, that would be intense. What is it like just driving around running a business with your partner where you like never really get a break and you don't have like, a designated like, here's my office where I go to work and then I leave the work there and I go home. Like how does that go for you?

Ash: It... like, there's not a big middle ground. We kind of run the spectrum of like absolute, incredible, pinch me, I cannot believe this is real life. And this is my job. And this is my life that I've created with the person that I love the most in the world and it's amazing. And then we go all the way to the other - to the other end of the spectrum where I'm like driving and I'm in tears and Andi can, like, not console me because I'm so upset that I'm so exhausted and we can't find Wi-Fi and we blew a tire on the bus and I mean... like it is incredibly, incredibly hard. And I mean, you are also an entrepreneur so, you know that... you know that when you own your own business and you're running your own business, it is all encompassing. On top of that, for us in particular because we... our business is traveling full time. Yeah, they're really... it never stops. Like our house is our office and our office, like, follows us wherever we go and our work follows us wherever we go.

We've been more mindful about, like, taking actual days off to unplug like purposely, not check phones or purposely go to an area that we don't have cell service and kind of taking, having some self-care days. But those as a new business are very few and far between and yeah, I think we… we flex for the gram a little bit. Like we definitely take photos on those highs where you know, epic vistas, awesome Lakes, like being in the outdoors, it's awesome, but... the reality is we probably spend about 80% of our time, like, on the road, on interstates, in parking lots, at gas stations hanging out with truckers. Not nearly as instagram-worthy. So yeah, it's really hard but it's also really rewarding.

And actually I have to point out Lisa, you had a conversation with me after Roam Bike Fest last year... or last spring in Brevard where, you know, I think we're about maybe a little tipsy and definitely both exhausted. And you said like, what is your... like here's something that I didn't really think about when I started Wheelie and I just like as a friend and as you know, I consider you one of my mentors. You kind of posed this question that has really... like it really struck a chord with me, of like what happens to Roam when you and Andi are not the ones doing it. Like, when you're... when you're not capable to be at all the events whether you know, for whatever numerous reasons, we might not be at one of our events. And is there a strategy for that? And that is something that we are actively working towards to start implementing next year by bringing in more consistent staff and people that you know, we're like feeling it out, like would we be able to, do they have the Magic Touch to run one of these events without us being there? So that we can kind of normalize and stabilize our life and eventually kind of work our way towards a more consistent lifestyle that doesn't necessarily involve living out of a bus on the road 300 days out of the year. Yeah, because it's not super sustainable when you're probably like 45 or 50 and have been doing it for 15 years. Like that's definitely not where we want to be. But for now, it's amazing and we're enjoying it and you know, we roll with the punches and really appreciate those awesome moments and just kind of grin and bear the the harder ones that happen a lot.

Lisa: Yeah, and just being able to figure shit out. I think you're really good at that.

Ash: Yeah, I mean, I think that kind of comes with the territory of events so it does lend itself to traveling. But yeah, I mean we blew a tire in the middle of goddamn nowhere a couple of days ago and it was 7 to 12 hours before anybody was going to be able to come out and help us. And so we just opened the trailer and got out some power tools and started hacking away at the bus and like we were able to kind of get ourselves into town and out of that sticky situation just by being, you know, persistent and creative and willing to take some risks. And that's kind of how we live our lives on a pretty daily basis.

Lisa: Yeah, that's true. So, do you have a favorite truck stop or gas station?

Ash: Oh, man, like we go to Love's. In general, like the Love's Travel stops, just because their gas is a little bit more expensive. So I think it keeps like the shadier people away. And I mean that... take that for what it is, like it might not be the nicest thing to say, but we feel a little bit safer. I mean, we're two women alone in a bus that is not super secure. So we're definitely mindful about where we hang out and roll into it at night, but that being said, truckers are all, like... we feel really comfortable around truckers and truck stops, like, not rest stops. Rest stops or terrifying. To any people traveling out there like, rest stops or maybe Quick Stop's, I wouldn't recommend staying the night there, I have heard and seen some pretty sketchy things. Yeah, like, the truckers are cool. Like, they're... they're professionals. Like they're professionally driving. So, you know, we're kind of on the same program.

Lisa: I'm gonna have to ask you about that later because I sleep at rest stops all the time.

Ash: Don't do it! I have a terrifying story in Montana for you. So just... just... Don't do it.

Lisa: [laughs] Okay. I've also slept in many a Walmart parking lot.

Ash: Yeah! Oh my God. Can I tell you about the Walmart parking lot in Polson Montana, have you been to it? Because it is amazing. There's like a million dollar view out the back side. So as long as you're not there on a delivery night where they're delivering everything in the middle of the night. Oh my gosh, like... maybe one of the best views we've ever had anywhere. And it's like in the back of a Walmart parking lot in Montana. It's amazing.

Lisa: Can you see the lake? I bet you can you can.

Ash: You can totally see the lake and it was like sunset and all the colors and you're like up on this hill, it's yeah. A +, Walmart, A+.

Lisa: And that's when you know you've made it.

Ash: Yeah, exactly. For real.

Lias: So what... is Roam Bike Fest your next event? Or do you have anything happening before then?

Ash: Yeah, so we have one last retreat to finish out the year in Moab, Utah, but really we are just full throttle gearing up for 2019. So we primarily focus the majority of our event season in the spring and in the summer, which is kind of what we've found is when people have a bit more time off and they're kind of like jazzed and ready to go shred bikes and take vacations and all those things. So we are actually kind of winding down / gearing up for the bike festival but in general winding down on our event season. And then we'll start things up again in Sedona. We end in Sedona and we start in Sedona and will kick off our first retreats of the season in February of 2019 and what you might not know, I don't think I've talked to you about this yet, Lisa, is that we are like 95% sure we are going to be offering a few co-ed retreats this year.

Lisa: Whoa.

Ash: Yeah. Yeah. So we've been on the women's only train for quite a while now, and apparently there's a lot of jealous boyfriends and husbands and we kind of took a look and talked to some of our partners and yeah, we want to give it a try. Like, we've had really, really awesome experiences riding with other guys, and you know, we're no… we're not shy about the language we use and setting expectations. So I think we're gonna get a really awesome crew of fellas hopefully out to some retreats next year. So yeah, by popular demand Roam Retreats co-ed.

Lisa: They're going to be blown away by how good the food is. I hope... we actually, we had a woman who wrote a food book come to three Retreats this year. But she was just at our Retreat here in been last weekend, and she was like asking if she could showcase our recipes in her next book and I was like, seriously? Which is great because I actually hate cooking. So it's really ironic that I basically created a company that's glorified catering and that people really, really like the food. Which, I mean my family, I always grew up where like, you know, family meals were really important and I have... I think we all have these shared experiences of, you know, breaking bread with other people and kind of having the shared experience of having a meal with somebody. And so at Roam, like, we really actually... we kind of love that experience. And so we do spend the time to put together menus but are tasty and filling and we cater to everybody so we have you know, vegan, dairy-free, vegetarian, meat-tastic. We kind of had a little bit of everything.

Lisa: Yeah and lots of alcohol.

Ash: Lots of alcohol. Yeah, but very little hazing to drink said alcohol. You can drink however much or however little you want, but it will be there. Along with Lacroix.

Lisa: Yeah, Lacroix. La-craw.

Ash: Yeah. La quoi.

Ad Break: Do you feel like you have nothing in common with traditional ad agencies? Do you count time and powder days and desert trips? Do you own or work for a company that's heavily involved in the outdoor industry? And do you like measurable results that you can understand delivered by people who understand you? Hey, congratulations. You just found your Brand's favorite adventure partner. And by that, I mean Wheelie creative - it's a creative agency for people who thrive outside. It's a great place to work. It's a great place... great crew to work with and the work we do is meaningful, fun, irreverent, magical. Best in the business.

Lisa: And okay wait, so I'm excited that you are maybe... probably going to have some dude... dude friendly events. Because then I can make... Travis will finally get to experience because I've always been like, this and then I did this, and it was the best and this was the best and nothing will ever be more fun again.

Ash: And you can't come.

Lisa: And you can’t come and I'll never ever have as much fun in my life again as I just did. And so... are you going to do that... Say you're going to do that in Whitefish. Are you?

Ash: Yeah, so what we're doing is we're taking three of our favorite locations and we are doing back-to-back weekends. So what we'll do is in Sedona, in Whitefish, and in Oakridge, Oregon, we will do a women's only weekend and then that will be followed by a co-ed weekend or vice versa. We're not exactly sure what will come first. But… so the idea is, you know, A, make our lives a little bit easier because it's exhausting traveling from place to place and to be able to do back-to-back weekends and the same location is going to be really awesome. And then we know the places already. So like, we picked three locations that would lend themselves to couples along with people who are just coming as solo travelers. So they've got like a nice variety of you know, shared rooms, private rooms, queen beds, that kind of thing, camping. So it kind of will lend itself to us being able to... kind of knock it out of the park two weekends in a row.

Lisa: Does that mean you're going to stay in Whitefish a little longer than normal?

Ash: That means that we will get at least two weekends in Whitefish. Yeah that.... this is... I mean, between you and me Lisa, we've been really upset that we've had to leave Whitefish so quickly after events the last two years. So yeah, back-to-back weekends for sure happening at the Whitefish Bike Retreat. We're really excited.

Lisa: Yeah. This is going to be amazing. I'm very excited.

Ash: Yeah. Yeah.

Lisa: Amazing. It's really amazing. Oh, question then, since you're going to bring some dudes on board, you know, to these events and let them in on the secret... are you going to have like a dude on staff?

Ash: Ooh, probably not. I mean... Andi's a professional bike mechanic. We have been able to handle everything ourselves with a crew of Lady shredders so far. So I'm not saying no, like if we find an awesome guy that wants to be a ride leader or something. You know, that's all good. But very likely the staff will stay all female. And it's really interesting, what we've observed happens when either a good portion or the majority of participants are female, the guys behave a little bit differently. And they kind of get to... I think, relax. I think guys have it really hard with you know, expectations and egos and... and not necessarily their egos but like the expectation that they are... they have one, or you know, all of the things that men get the rap for. I think that when they get to show up at an event where the women outnumber them, I think they get to relax a little bit and I think that they get to be themselves a little bit more. And... and so we're hoping that by having an event that will still be majority women and led by women. It'll be kind of a nice reprieve for the fellows to who decide to join us.

Lisa: Yeah, and we're going to get some sweet baritone voices at those campfire singalongs.

Ash: Oh my gosh, maybe a couple of them will be able to play music and we can just really rock it out during our little campfire serenades.

Lisa: I play the egg shaker because that's all I'm good for.

Ash: Yeah, Gabby played a drawer because we forgot the Djembe. Drawers work, too!

Lisa: Yeah, so that's really really exciting. Is there anything else while we're wrapping up this podcast, is there anything else I haven't asked you about that you want to tell people about?

Ash: Yeah, no, so we... a couple things. One is, people always ask us like what's the difference between a Roam Bike Fest and a Roam Retreat? So just really quickly, Roam Bike Fest is a festival. Your lodging is not necessarily included. We do one meal with the whole group of lots of people, but it is a festival. So just kind of conjure up in your head what a festival looks like. It definitely leans and lends itself more towards that. And then a retreat is an all-inclusive vacation. So your lodging is taken care of, food, beverage, shuttles, guides, all of that. So when people look at our events and they see the price point differences and they seemingly are very similar. There's actually a lot more involved in a retreat than there is at the Bike Festival. So just to clarify that, because we get asked that a lot. And then I think the other thing is… we kind of target a different demographic than a lot of bike events. And not to say that somebody who's newer to riding or, you know, hasn't gotten a lot of hours on their bike can't come and enjoy themselves at the majority of our events, but we definitely catering gear ourselves more towards women who identify as mountain bikers. So, you know, you’re as obsessed with bikes as we are, you're spending all of your disposable income on bikes, and there's nothing wrong with that. And not say you have to be like the world's best shredder, but I think a lot of ladies who join our events who are really advanced ride come in expecting us to be really handholdy and like frou-frou-y, and that's definitely not the experience that we curate. So it's just... it's just, shred as much as you want, as hard as you want, as far as you want, and... and you know, wherever you fall on the spectrum is totally fine. But if you're an absolute shredder, like, these are definitely the events for you as well. And I think that's an offering that you can't... you don't really, you know, outside of like, competition, it's really hard to find events where you can just go and like shred until your legs stop working. But you can definitely come do that with us.

Lisa: I love Roam Bike Fest because you come in, whether you drive or you fly, there's a bike to ride and then you just spend the whole weekend shredding and making friends. And like, I have so many friends that I've made from coming to two Roam Bike Fests.

Ash: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, we're definitely... like, the goal is also to build a community and create those connections. And it's been amazing for us to travel and run into former participants and guests who are like hanging out together, and one of them lives in Canada and the other one lives in like Washington somewhere and we like, all meet up for dinner. And it's like, oh you guys are friends? And they're like, yeah we met... like we, like sometimes we don't even realize that they've met at our events. Like we just they seem like such good friends. It's even a surprised us was connections that are made. So yeah, it is cool. Like the lady shred train... it gets pretty rowdy and rad out there for sure.

Lisa: Yeah. Do you want do you want to mention what you're doing with Rebecca Rusch?

Ash: Yeah, oh my gosh, so exciting. So Rebecca Rusch, seven-time world champion, first female Ascent of the El Capitan, like just all around Red Bull athlete, badass, amazing inspirational hero of ours. We are exclusively partnering with her next year, so she'll be our only like non-Roam event partner for next year and we are working with her to continue her Rusch Academies, which are multi-day training camps for gravel and mountain biking. And she's throwing in... right now we're calling it Gravel Light. So it's a, you know, a hardcore gravel Academy, but not quite as hard core is her standard training camp which is for sure hardcore. And then we've got a mountain bike academy with her happening next summer. And then we are going to continue to work with her at Rebecca's Private Idaho, which I mentioned before is a gravel race. There's a multi-day stage race, combined with a hundred-mile gravel race that takes place on a Sunday in Ketchum. And yeah, Rebecca's just super inspiring and a hoot and we have so much fun with her and she's so knowledgeable about bikes and competing and all of those things. So it's kind of fun for us to delve into the more competitive side of things because our events are so non-competitive focused for the most part. Yeah, so we're really excited to be working with her.

Lisa: That's great. That's going to be really fun. I should come to one of those.

Ash: Yeah. Oh my gosh, you definitely... like RPI is kind of ridiculous, and you need to stay for Galina... What was it called? Andi just walked in... Galena coughing? Oh Gelande quaffing. I'll send you, I'll send you a video. You haven't seen Rebecca compete until you've seen her Gelande quaff. Holy moly, next level.

Lisa: I bet you guys would be some pretty tough competition though.

Ash: We did okay, we made it to the quarterfinals. I'll tell you Rebecca's secrets in person. I can't... I can't give them out over the airwaves, but there's some... some secrets to gelande quaffing at the pro level.

Lisa: I can't wait.

Ash: Yeah. Oh it’ll be a ton of fun. So.

Lisa: Awesome. Well, I'm excited to see you in Sedona and I encourage everyone who listens to this podcast to drop what they're doing and go sign up for Roam Bike Fest. And... and meet us there. Because it’s going to be insane.

Ash: Yeah. So or you can just find all of our events at And Roam is like ourR-O-A-M like the buffalo that roam not the... the place you vacation to in Europe.

Lisa: Awesome. Thank you so much for being here and I'll see you in Arizona.

Ash: Awesome. Thanks Lisa.

Lisa: You can follow Ash and Andi on Instagram. They are at @thisisroam on Instagram, check that out, go to their website That's where you can follow them, sign up for Roam Bike Fest or Roam Retreat or just see how great they are. Check them out.

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