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Episode 72: Twintuition with Sara Slagle

Double the Slagles, double the fun.

It's the last episode of the year and the last episode of Season 4, so we decided to have a little fun. Lisa's twin sister Sara is on the show today, and they asked each other listener questions about adventures, what annoys each twin about the other, and Sara Slagle's marketing advice. Can they feel each other's pain? Can they read each other's mind? Listen in to find out.

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Episode Transcript

Lisa: Iris. We did it. Season four of Outside by Design.

Iris: 2019. Of... life.

Lisa: Wow. You did an amazing job booking guests this year.

Iris: Thank you.

Lisa: I heard a lot of really good compliments about how people were impressed by all your guest bookings. We really got it dialed.

Iris: Yeah, we did. And we have some great ideas for 2020. So stay tuned for that. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss when our episodes come out next year.

Lisa: 2020 vision.

Iris: 2020 vision!

Lisa: But today's a special day because it's the last episode.

Iris: It is the last episode. And what do we have today?

Lisa: Well, the holidays are all about family, right, Iris?

Iris: Right.

Lisa: So. On this very special episode. We have a very special guest.

Iris: Who is that special guest?

Lisa: It's my twin sister.

Iris: You guys might not know that Lisa has a twin.

Lisa: Yes. Her name is Sara Slagle. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Iris: Okay.

Lisa: She is a math professor. She's really into CrossFit. She's super bad ass. She doesn't really sound like it as much in this episode, but she's a total bad ass. And she's the smartest person I know. She is like Goodwill Hunting, like, she, like, actually teaches. She's not a janitor at the university, but if there was a magical chalkboard, she would sneak around and solve all the problems.

Iris: Yeah. And people might assume that since you're twins, you're very similar and I think they're going to find that that's not quite the case.

Lisa: Yes. And, so what we did, we, we put out a thing on Instagram like, Hey, ask us anything. What have you ever wanted to ask twins? So this episode is silly. We just answer questions that the audience asked. And, um…

Iris: Yeah.

Lisa: It's just silly and fun.

Iris: It's silly and fun. Maybe you're putting away the Christmas tree. Maybe you're driving back home from the holidays. Maybe you're sending on a Christmas cheer lift. Happy holidays and enjoy this silly episode.

Lisa: Are you ready?

Sara: I'm ready.

Lisa: We're going to take some questions. So the first question on the - well, always the first question is that you need to describe where you are and what you're looking at.

Sara: Oh, well, I'm in my house and I'm currently looking at a bookcase full of books and my computer, and also thinking how cool I look in my professional headphones with a microphone attached to them.

Lisa: That's really cool. What kind of books are on your bookshelf?

Sara: Um, there's the whole Harry Potter series. There's the whole Game of Thrones series, the book. ‘Cause those are really good. And then there's a three shelves of mathematics books.

Lisa: Wonderful. What kind of books do you think are on my bookcase?

Sara: Um, probably a book about a golden retriever. Maybe a book about being a champion boss lady. Maybe a book about nature.

Lisa: [laughs] Okay, great. Um, can you describe how you feel about the outdoors?

Sara: Well, nature's the best. I love nature.

Lisa: No, you have to be honest.

Sara: But this is about nature. So I'm supposed to be positive, right?

Lisa: No, you can be honest ‘cause the outdoors belongs to everyone.

Sara: Okay. Well, I like the nature on my terms, so... You know, like if I'm running an obstacle course race and I know I'm going to be muddy, then that's okay. The nature can make me muddy. But if I'm just having a lovely day, I don't necessarily want to be muddy. So I like nature most of the time. Sometimes I get cold.

Lisa: Do you consider yourself outdoors-y or sporty?

Sara: I am sporty.

Lisa: Do you like mountain biking?

Sara: Um, well I like riding my bicycle, like on a path to go get ice cream or through the neighborhood. Um, I don't think I really like riding down a mountain so much. Do you remember that time we went mountain biking together in Montana?

Lisa: Yes, I do. Do you want to tell that story?

Sara: Well, Lisa tricked me into saying that we were going to get ice cream. So I thought we were just riding down the road to get ice cream. Really, we were writing down a very treacherous mountain. There were rocks everywhere. Like, my tire would, it could spin out at any moment. Um. There was a lot of danger. The bike didn't fit me, uh, but I tried my best. I was wearing all of your gear. I felt like you, at one point I was like, wow, I really look like Lisa. This is great. I've got my helmet, gotta wear the helmet. I've got my helmet and I've got my biking pants on.

Lisa: [laughing] I think you had my knee pads on. For like a half mile on a cross country trail.

Sara: Well, it could - it may have been cross country, but it felt like cross my heart and hope I make it through it.

Lisa: [laughs]

Sara: At one point we ran into other people and I was like, Oh man. Just go ahead of me and I'm just going to walk my bike down this. But the best part was when we rode up this hill. Do you remember the hill we wrote up?

Lisa: I do remember the hill. It was a road. It was a dirt road.

Sara: It was a dirt road, but I kicked your butt.

Lisa: You did, you were like rage pedaling, you were like fear pedaling.

Sara: No, we were going up the hill, so on my normal ride to get ice cream in my neighborhood, there's a really big hill on the way home, and I know how to get up my hill. I just have to keep going. Otherwise I'm not going to make it. I get my ice cream and then it's a long ride home up the hill. So I saw the big dirt hill and I just started pedaling and then I passed everybody around us. I was like, wow, I'm really good at going uphill.

Lisa: It's true.

Sara: Downhill not so much. So do I like mountain biking? I like going up the hill, not down the hill.

Lisa: on a dirt road, no trails.

Sara: No trails. No, they're too, they're too narrow.

Lisa: Okay. Um, are you ready to take some questions from our audience?

Sara: Yeah. Are any of them about my bicycle? ‘Cause I'd like to talk about that.

Lisa: Uh, no, but go ahead and talk about that.

Sara: Well, my bicycle is really cute. You got it for me. Do you remember what it's called? Like what it is?

Lisa: I got you just a single speed, just a black single speed with pink rims. Like a really fun…

Sara: Yeah, I was going to say it's black and pink. That's the, like, what it looks like. And then I bedazzled it with gemstone rhinestones and there's a big bedazzled S on the front for Sara or Slagle. Take your pick. Um, and then, or sparkly. Um, and then, um, I've added to it since you've last seen it. These, um, lights that run through the spokes of the tires on front and back, and that way they're really safe at nighttime riding. When I'm getting my ice cream.

Lisa: You told me you didn’t shift gears, so that's why I got you a single speed.

Sara: Yeah. I- I don't ever shift gears. I still have my Magna though, so that's good. I couldn't get rid of it. I tried to sell it at a garage sale for $15 and then as the person was offering me the money, I took it back. I was like, no, no, not for sale. I'm sorry.

Lisa: Not my childhood bicycle.

Sara: My childhood bicycle. But I don't shift gears in it ever.

Lisa: Yeah.

Sara: Anyways, my bike is really pretty. Maybe I can send you a picture and you can include it somewhere in this podcast.

Lisa: We'll include a photo of your bike in the show notes.

Sara: Okay. Just cause you guys like bikes. Mine is a really nice, um, not mountain bike.

Lisa: That's really considerate for the audience.

Sara: You're welcome.

Lisa: Um, are you ready?

Sara: I'm ready.

Lisa: Okay. What do you think I do for a living and... yeah. What do you think Lisa does for a living?

Sara: Lisa is the boss lady of a really cool graphic design company. She makes logos for people and websites and she helps them find their brand. Specifically in the outdoor industry, and specifically she likes things that are about women in the outdoor industry.

Lisa: Cool. But it's also not about me. It's about the whole team.

Sara: Yeah, but you asked about Lisa. That's what Lisa does.

Lisa: Oh yeah. Totally.

Sara: Then Lisa is a boss lady and she's got people that work for her and then she works for the community and they do a lot of giving back, like the Whitefish Trail. They go back and they clean up the trail. And she's got a bunch of employees. I think she does a good job taking care of them. It always looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.

Lisa: They- It sounds like there's a lot of fun going on all the time too. Sometimes when I'm in meetings, I hear what everyone else is doing and it sounds more fun than what I'm doing.

Sara: And then I know you work with like, interns can come in and like learn from you guys.

Lisa: Mhmm. Cool. You did a great job. Um, other questions just for Sara. Oh boy. Can you make a song up about Lisa and put it on your YouTube channel?

Sara: Well, the YouTube channel is reserved for mathematics videos. Um, if you are interested in mathematics videos, potentially parodies, like “all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, logarithms.” That's what my YouTube channel is about, so I'm not sure I'll make a song for the YouTube channel, but maybe I could just make a song about her cause that sounds nice.

Lisa: Cool. What would the theme of your song be?

Sara: It would probably be about-

Lisa: You don’t have to sing it, but what would it be about?

Sara: It’d probably be about golden retrievers and snowboarding and biking.

Lisa: Cool.

Sara: And maybe vegetarian things.

Lisa: [laughs] Cool. More questions for Sara. Okay. Who's older?

Sara: Should we answer these questions at the same time?

Lisa: Oh yeah, let's try to answer them at the same time.

Sara: Okay, so, so who's older? One, two, three.

[not at the same time] Sara: Lisa.

Lisa: Lisa. [laughs]

Sara: You didn't do that at the same time.

Lisa: That was a good one. Um, what's the best part about being a twin? Everything.

Sara: What's it like to not be a twin? Beats us.

Lisa: We don't know.

Sara: We don't know. Hashtag twinning.

Lisa: hashtag twintuition. Hashtag wombmate.

Sara: That's us.

Lisa: Um, can you read each other's minds?

Sara: I wouldn't call it “read each other's minds,” but I definitely feel like I know what you're thinking about sometimes. Or I'll, I'll feel this vibe like, call Lisa. She's not in a good place right now. I'll call you and you'll be like, sad or something. I'll be like, I knew it.

Lisa: What am I thinking about right now?

Sara: Um.

Lisa: Let's say it on the count of three.

Sara: Oh, I don't think I can guess it right now. You're putting me on the spot. I'm not feeling anything from you right now.

Lisa: Okay. One, two, three…

Sara: Me.

Lisa: Golden retrievers. [laughs] Just kidding.

Sara: Oh. I thought it was going to be me this time.

Lisa: I thought you were going to guess golden retrievers. I was thinking about you.

Sara: I knew you were. It was me. I was gonna say golden retriever. And I thought, but she's not. ‘Cause you’re thinking about me.

Lisa: I just thought you would guess golden retriever. Um, okay. Are you ready?

Sara: Okay.

Lisa: We're going to burn through these. Um, can you feel each other's pain?

Sara: I don't think so. But there was something recently where you were talking about maybe you were sick or something, and I had a stomach ache all day and I felt like maybe that was me feeling your pain.

Lisa: Do you remember as a child when I used to get hurt all the time and then you would cry?

Sara: Yeah, that would happen. But I don't think I actually felt your pain. I think I was just felt sad that you were hurt.

Lisa: People would always try to help you because they thought you were hurt.

Sara: Yeah, but I was just really sad for you being hurt. That's all.

Lisa: I was like going to the hospital and get stitches. Everyone would be like is Sara okay? [laughing]

Sara: I didn't like that you were hurt.

Lisa: Yeah. Did we answer what's the best part about being a twin? We didn't. I don't know what it's like to not be a twin.

Sara: Yeah. I think that I like always having a best friend.

Lisa: Duh.

Sara: So, like, that's pretty neat.

Lisa: Say that's pretty neat. Um, okay. This one is from one of the Wheelie crew and it says, I want to see you both guess how each other would answer the following questions. So you have to answer for me and I have to answer for you, and then we'll fact check.

Sara: Okay.

Lisa: Okay. You ready?

Sara: Okay, so I'm answering as Lisa?

Lisa: Well you, yeah. You guess how I would answer this.

Sara: Okay.

Lisa: And then I'll say for you. Favorite color?

Sara: Blue.

Lisa: That's right.

Sara: Yeah, I'm answering as Lisa, okay.

Lisa: For you, I would say most of the time…. green.

Sara: It's green! You’re right.

Lisa: Okay. Animals.

Sara: Um, well, that depends on the context here. Obviously golden retriever is Lisa.

Lisa: Duh.

Sara: She also likes monkey.

Lisa: Correct. Um, your favorite animal is Little Delta Doodle, your dog.

Sara: Obviously. I'm in love with her. It's kind of an obsession.

Lisa: You also used to say cats.

Sara: Yeah. I love kitty cats. You're missing-

Lisa: But you're allergic, so you can't own one.

Sara: You’re missing the most important one.

Lisa: You love polar bears!

Sara: Polar bears. That's the one.

Lisa: Polar bear is your favorite. Uh, okay. This one's weird. I don't know if we're going to get this. Alright, how - you have to guess my favorite decade.

Sara: Decade, like the-

Lisa: For you I’d guess the nineties. I think you liked the ninenties.

Sara: I love the nineties.

Lisa: Because you love full house. Yeah. Okay, so I'm right.

Sara: You're right on that. And I love denim.

Lisa: Yeah.

Sara: Um, let's see. A decade that you've lived in or just decade in general? I don't know. I guess decade that you've lived in…. I don't even know. You don't really love the 80s. For a while there you like the twenties a lot. When we were younger, ‘cause you liked to ask our grandparents if she was like a flapper dancer ‘cause she was born in the 20s. Um, let's see. Maybe, maybe the two thousands.

Lisa: I think my answer would just be like. I liked the-

Sara: The present moment?

Lisa:[laughs] like right now. Right now.

Sara: That's not a real answer, but that's fine.

Lisa: Okay. Favorite music genre. You like country music.

Sara: I do. You like whatever genre the Lumineers are, so I don't know what genre that is. Um.

Lisa: I just like the Lumineers.

Sara: The Lumineers. By the way, I put on my Pandora, the Lumineers as a station, so that when I listened to it, I think about you and all these songs come on. And I just think “Lisa would like this song. Lisa would like this song.”

Lisa: That’s very sweet.

Sara: I've been doing a lot of house projecting, you know? And so, um, I've been listening to a lot of different Pandora stations. And so a favorite has been Lisa and the Lumineers.

Lisa: Iris says that Pandora's for old people...

Sara: I know.

Lisa: and that Spotify is for young people.

Sara: That is true.

Lisa: Do you agree?

Sara: Yeah. But everything I do is for old people, it turns out. Like the Facebook, and yet there everybody is on the Instagram and the Snapchat.

Lisa: There they are.

Sara: There they are.

Lisa: Um, I don't listen to country music for you.

Sara: You should it’s so good.

Lisa: But thank you for listening to the Lumineers for me.

Sara: Yeah. Just Eric Church. That's all you need to listen to.

Lisa: Um, we have to guess each other’s favorite drink.

Sara: Coffee? Would be what I guess for you.

Lisa: You're right. Um, for you... I don't really know that you have an attachment to a drink. Um.

Sara: I have a favorite kind of…

Lisa: You like Slurpees.

Sara: I love Slurpees. I have a favorite kind of soda.

Lisa: What?

Sara: Coca-Cola.

Lisa: Oh, I didn't know that about you. Really. You do?

Sara: I love Coca-Cola. Yeah, but that's because we weren't allowed to drink soda as children, so you don't really maybe know that I like Coca-Cola, but I like Coca-Cola a lot.

Lisa: [laughs] It’s like guilty pleasure.

Sara: It is, but now it's become like guilty reality.

Lisa: Got it. Good to know.

Sara: Yeah. I have to buy the really small size cans, not even the 12 ounce cans. They're like the, I don't know, eight ounce cans or six ounce cans. They're really small, but that way I feel like I get my soda, but I'm not drinking like, a whole soda cause it's not good for you.

Lisa: Cool. Uh, what's each other's favorite activity?

Sara: Yours would be snowboarding or playing with golden retrievers.

Lisa: [laughing] Yup. Yours would be, um, yours would be CrossFit. Or dancing.

Sara: Dancing. And CrossFit. Combined.

Lisa: Yup. Yup. That's called Zoomba. Just kidding. Next. Your favorite memory together.

Sara: Hmm. Well, recently we made a really fun twin workout video. I enjoyed making that with you. Um, as a child, I really liked... We were kind of weird. I liked all of our tricks, like Pogo sticking and stiltsing... the big red ball.

Lisa: I liked how when we needed to reach things, I would act like a step stool and you would climb on me.

Sara: Yeah. I feel like we were pretty good at that kind of stuff.

Lisa: We were really resourceful. Who takes longer to get ready?

Sara: Probably me, but I don't feel like overall either of us takes that long to get ready in the scheme of things.

Lisa: Yeah. I might forget things. And have to go back more than you.

Sara: I do not forget things very often.

Lisa: It's true. It's true. Um, did you ever dress alike?

Sara: I wish we did more, like, now as adult twins. Like next time I see you, I'd like to be in matching outfits and then I'd like to go out in public together and then answer each other's questions. Like, together.

Lisa: And finish each other's sentences.

Sara: Yeah. But like, you know, someone will say like, are you ready to order? And I'll answer for you. Like, “she's actually still looking.” But we'd be like, in identical, like business suits. I'd like us to be in like a power suit while we do this. It's not something either of us would wear. So it's funny.

Lisa: [laughing] I’d be like, do you have any Coca-Cola?

Sara: Yeah, exactly.

Lisa: She wants Coca-Cola.

Sara: Cherry Coke please.

Lisa: Cherry Coke for the lady.

Sara: [laughs] For the lady. Yeah. I feel like we should dress alike as adults, now. As children we only did every once in a while for like photo ops. It wasn't in real life. It was just for a cute picture or something.

Lisa: It's true.

Sara: But I feel like, now, as adults, we should really cash in on dressing alike more often.

Lisa: Okay.

Sara: Especially since we look so different. I think it would really, it would just creep people out. Like, why are they in matching outfits? Why are those two women…

Lisa: [laughing] Why are those adult women…

Sara: In matching outfits.

Lisa: That sounds really good. Um, name a song that you would- name a song that would describe each other.

Sara: Um, a song that would describe each other.

Lisa: Yeah.

Sara: Well, not in a creepy way, but that Hey Ho Lumineers song, “I belong with you. You belong with me.” Sometimes I sing that about you.

Lisa: Aww, that’s really sweet.

Sara: Yeah. I think…

Lisa: That's my favorite song.

Sara: I know it is, but I think that song's not about twins, so that's why I said not in a creepy way, just in a normal way, but it's true. I belong with you and you belong with me.

Lisa: Adorable. My song that I would pick to describe you is… Maniac. From Flashdance.

Sara: Well, I've always wanted to pull a string and have water pour all over myself, so maybe someday.

Lisa: And the thing that people forget about the movie Flashdance is that she's a welder and she bicycle commutes to work.

Sara: Yeah. She's a pretty tough cookie.

Lisa: By day. And like, that's so much cooler than the dancing. I think.

Sara: No, that's not cooler.

Lisa: She's a welder!

Sara: Yeah. That's pretty neat. But it's not cooler than the dancing. Or the legwarmers.

Lisa: That would be you.

Sara: And the big hair. Oh, I wish I had big hair.

Lisa: Yeah. That's why I picked that song for you.

Sara: Good choice.

Lisa: Um, one thing you can do well that the other can't. [laughs] You could pick complex math problems.

Sara: Yeah, I was going to be like, um, calculus. Uh, that's not really fun though. Um, you swim better than me. I don't swim, so.

Lisa: That's true. My answer is swim.

Sara: Yeah.

Lisa: What do you do better?

Sara: Math.

Lisa: Math. Do you have the same personalities?

Sara: No.

Lisa: Obviously we do. Obviously we do.

Sara: I don't think they're the same personalities.

Lisa: [laughing] for the listeners on the podcast, obviously...

Sara: I don't think we have the same personality.

Lisa: ...caught on.

Sara: But I think that we're pretty similar in some ways.

Lisa: Like what?

Sara: Like we're both funny. Ha ha ha ha.

Lisa: Yeah.

Sara: Um, I think that we both like working hard and, you know, we're both driven and motivated. I think we have some of those type of like, things that make us similar. But you definitely like nature a lot more than me. Like, I see pictures of you, where you're wearing a lot of winter clothes and you're on a snowmobile and you're riding a split board down a mountain or something. And I just think…. I- I don't ever want to do that.

[both laugh]

Sara: Like, that does not look like a fun day to me. That looks like I would be crying. Like I may be on the snowmobile. Okay. I'd like to snowmobile through a flat terrain. Not, I'd like to ride it up a mountain and then ski down it and then like hike back to it. I'm done. Like, call search and rescue, send help. And I consider myself pretty athletic. That just doesn't sound fun to me.

Lisa: That's cool. What about rafting?

Sara: Well, again, that goes back to the fact I can't swim, so I don't ever want to go rafting again ever.

Lisa: Yeah, I understand.

Sara: Yeah, I'm done.

Lisa: It wasn't that fun.

Sara: It was not fun at all.

Lisa: Do you want to tell the story?

Sara: Well…

Lisa: Or you can say no.

Sara: Well... Lisa thought it would be really fun for us to go rafting and Crested Butte with her friends that were raft guides. And so she put together this elaborate rafting trip and we all met up. And I can't swim. So going rafting in water with current sounds pretty terrifying. Um.

Lisa: You just have to, you just had to sit in the boat.

Sara: Yeah. But like, okay, so backstory here, I don't swim well, and I can't do current. So you know, if I'm going to be wakeboarding behind a boat, I have a life vest and I'm strapped to a board and I just have to wait there. And there's no current, and there's very minimal swimming and, and my hair doesn't even have to get wet if I don't want it to, right. Like nice and peaceful. In a river, if I fly overboard, I'm going down. Like, just save yourselves. Don't, don't even try, you know? Um, so we were rafting…

Lisa: I would save you. I would always save you.

Sara: Well, we were rafting in Crested Butte, and it started raining in the middle of our raft trip. So now, not only are we in current, but like there's water everywhere. And I ended up just sitting in the bottom of the boat holding Cap. What was Captain's name?

Lisa: Matt.

Sara: Okay. Well, I was just crying, holding Captain's leg, like weeping in the boat, like “Captaaaaain.” I was crying. I mortified you in front of your friends, but I was very afraid.

Lisa: No, but you, you didn't mortify me, but you dropped, you let go of your paddle and then the handle came up and hit me in the face.

Sara: I didn't even know cause I was crying so hard. Like there's so many tears. You couldn't tell if it was the tears from the current water or if it was the tears from the rain or if it was my face, like, there's…

Lisa: [laughs] You were scream crying.

Sara: I was just weeping the whole time. So it really wasn't a fun time. But I appreciated your effort of making a fun adventure for me. I don't ever want to go on that adventure again though.

Lisa: Okay. Um, describe each other in three words.

Sara: Who's going first?

Lisa: I'll go first.

Sara: Okay.

Lisa: You are hilarious. A super genius and well connected.

Sara: That was five words.

Lisa: I love words.

Sara: Okay, well, for you, my first one was how funny you are. So we both think that each other's funny. See, that's why we get each other. Um, and then I would say, um, that you're adventurous. I think that describes a big piece of your life in all aspects. Um, and then I would say... I only get three? I would say smart and intelligent. I like that.

Lisa: I like you.

Sara: I like you.

Lisa: [laughs] One, ooh. One thing that annoys you about each other.

Sara: Um, that you don't always brush your hair.

Lisa: [laughs]

Sara: Like, I'm sorry, but use a hairdryer, like putting a beanie on is not brushing and drying your hair. Like, I know that's just, um, you know, a superficial thing. But I really, the tangly mess I just envision you having to brush through and it makes me sad. That's why I send you so many nice brushes.

Lisa: Thank you. Um, one thing that annoys me about you is when you talk to me on the phone and you hang up as soon as you get somewhere.

Sara: Yeah. I only have a couple of minutes, so I call you when I have time and it's like, well, got to go, bye.

Lisa: I'll be like, “and here's something really emotional about the state of human consciousness.” And then you'll be like, “well, I'm here. Bye.”

Sara: Yeah.

Lisa: Okay.

Sara: It's what I do.

Lisa: Um. Nicknames you have for each other.

Sara: Well, you like to call me Kins Kins or Kensington or just Kins. For Sarakins.

Lisa: Short for Sarakins.

Sara: S-A-R-A-K-I-N-S. Just to be clear.

Lisa: Yup. I don't have any nicknames.

Sara: Mmm… I call you Lisa. I call you Leesee. I call you Sissy. I call your brudder.

Lisa: Oh yeah, yeah. Cause remember those twins on Full House.

Sara: Remember those twins Nikki and Alex and they couldn't speak and they called each other Brudder and they'd hug.

Lisa: They were like… Brudder. [laughs] We used to do that a lot because we were twins too.

Sara: Brudder. No bu with D’s. B-R-U-D-D-E-R brudder. But I don't mean that you're a boy. I'm just saying you're my twin.

Lisa: Remember that one time I got mistaken for a boy and you yelled at that old man?

Sara: “That's not my brother! That's my sister!” Well, I already had a brother. You were not my brother. Your hair was... in that old man's defense, though, at this moment in time, Lisa Slagle was 10 years old. She had glasses the size, like huge, huge circular glasses from the 90s. She had short hair. It was very much in style, like, you, you were in very much in style, but. You know.

Lisa: I had Umbros.

Sara: You had Umbros and an oversize shirt. And you had, you had short hair. And I think at this point in time you had, like, crutches. Like, you, you may have looked a little bit like, like you could have been a boy. But...

Lisa: Like an injured boy.

Sara: And you broke your leg. But you know, that's okay. You were really confident. And I think that's important.

Lisa: Thank you. Mmm. Ooh. What do you order- what does the other order of fast food restaurants?

Sara: Trick question. Lisa Slagle doesn't like fast food. Unless we were counting Noodles and Company, which I'm not sure if that's fast food. In which case she would get pesto cavatappi with tofu.

Lisa: It’s true. You would order- you’re right. You would order chicken tenders.

Sara: Yeah. Nuggies.

Lisa: [laughs] You’d get some nuggies anywhere.

Sara: Anywhere I go.

Lisa: You're not even picky. You're not picky.

Sara: No, if there's somewhere and there's nuggies I want ‘em. Bive me those chicken nuggies. And barbecue sauce.

Lisa: That's right. Um, Ooh. Favorite thing about each other.

Sara: Um, that you're my other half.

Lisa: My favorite thing about you is that, well, I have many. Um... my favorite thing about you is that you... whatever you do, you'll do it your very best. You don't half ass anything.

Sara: I try really hard not to. Thanks for noticing.

Lisa: Yeah. I also like that you're my emergency contact on anything, because while you wouldn't know how to find me, you wouldn't stop until you did.

Sara: That is true. You're also my emergency contact.

Lisa: Aww.

Sara: That's nice.

Lisa: Um, who's the better cook?

Sara: Probably you, recently, because you've gotten really into your cooking life, Thug Life cooking. Um, yeah. I think we're both probably okay cooks though. I cook alright.

Lisa: You should cook me food sometime.

Sara: I, every time, every time you come here I make you vegetarian foods. I make you lasagna.

Lisa: I would cook you something beautiful with a lot of vegetables.

Sara: Hashtag. Protein!

Lisa: I had a problem. They didn't, Sara was making fun of me for years every time I said protein.

Sara: I don't know if anybody else watches that TV show Naked and Afraid, but - that TV show about living in the wild. I really liked that show. And then on that show they always talk about how it's four days and they haven't had any protein, and I felt like these people that were desperate and living in the wild trying to find protein, that was Lisa Slagle everyday trying to talk about how do you get protein as a vegetarian. “Got to get some protein!” “Okay, but I need protein.” I like to send her things that have lots of protein in them.

Lisa: It's true.

Sara: Like a yummy looking bar or something, like a treat, you know, granola bar, but protein bar. You're welcome. Just looking out for you.

Lisa: Thanks for, thanks for looking out for my protein intake. Describe the last thing you did with your twin.

Sara: I haven't seen you in so long.

Lisa: I know, this is bullshit.

Sara: This is the longest we've ever gone.

Lisa: I think ever.

Sara: Ever. You were here, but you were running that marathon. So the last thing I did with you was I talked to you before you ran your marathon. That was the last time I saw you.

Lisa: I love you.

Sara: I love you.

Lisa: Um, complete this statement. My twin sister is blank.

Sara: My twin sister is the best.

Lisa: That's what I was going to say about you! [laughs] What marketing advice would you like to give our listeners about the outdoor outdoor marketing?

Sara: Well, I seem to know a lot about the outdoors and marketing, so I would say if you were trying to market the outdoors, you should also consider the people that don't love the outdoors as much, and then maybe you could get new people in your company, you know.

Lisa: That's a good idea. So what, how would you do that?

Sara: Well, maybe people are just sporty, but they don't want to like, you know, ride a snowmobile up the top of a mountain. So maybe instead of just having people snowmobiling up a mountain, you could also have people riding a chair lift up a mountain. It's a nice alternative.

Lisa: I rode a chairlift today.

Sara: I did not.

Lisa: What did you do today?

Sara: I worked, um, and waited tables at the job I work at where I wait tables and then I, um, decorated my outside house for Christmas.

Lisa: What do you like better, being a math professor or waiting tables?

Sara: Um, they have different happiness factors in my life. Like, I love being a math professor and I think it's my calling and it's like my purpose. Um, but I really like waiting tables as well. I like bringing people breakfast. Everyone's always happy when they have breakfast, and it really pleases me.

Lisa: Breakfast is the best meal of the day.

Sara: It is.

Lisa: Okay. I love you.

Sara: I love you too. Um.

Lisa: Thanks for being on my podcast.

Sara: Yeah. I hope that your listeners have learned something new about twins.

Lisa: I hope... I hope that they know that twins... not all twins are the same. Everyone is an individual.

Sara: Even twins that look alike.

Lisa: Mhmm. Part of being a twin is knowing where do I end? And you begin? Just like when you're in a relationship with someone.

Sara: Yeah. But our relationship is forever.

Lisa: Yeah. Hell yeah.

Sara: Well, I love you. I hope you have a good rest of your weekend.

Lisa: Thank you. You too.

Sara: Okay, bye.

Iris: Well, Lisa, that's a wrap on Twintuition.

Lisa: Twintuition. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Sara Slagle. Because I've really enjoyed knowing from my whole life.

Um, anyway, I'd like to thank all of you who are listening. Anyone who's still hanging at this point.

Iris: [laughs] if you made it this far.

Lisa: If you made it this far, you love us.

Iris: You win a prize.

Lisa: and we love you.

Iris: We do.

Lisa: Yeah. What can we give them? If you've made it this far…

Iris: A virtual hug. Ready? Are you ready?

Lisa: [singing] I’ll put your right hand on your left shoulder, your left hand on your right shoulder.

Iris: [laughing] What is that? Is that from something? Nope.

Iris: Okay.

Lisa: I just made it up.

Iris: Well, you just got hugged. You missed it. If you missed it back up. And get another hug. Hug!

Lisa: Anyway, we're delirious. This is the busiest week of the entire year for us at Wheelie.

Iris: And it's finally wrap on December and a wrap on 2019. We hope your year was wonderful and we wish you a very happy 2020 and a decade of awesomeness.

Lisa: We could have done something serious where we talk about like, it's a decade, let's talk 10 years in review of Wheelie, but that's not as good as talking to my twin.

Iris: No one wants to hear that.

Lisa: No one wants to hear that. Anyway, happy 2019.

Iris: See ya in the next decade.

Lisa: Love you. Bye.

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