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man running down a wet and muddy trail


The best socks ever deserve the best content ever. Swiftwick was looking for a new look and new content to better align with their target market, and they came to the right place.

We hooked this Nashville, TN brand up with fresh brand guidelines, new marketing strategy, elevated content writing, new photo content, and a new strategy for brand ambassadors. We also took on Swiftwick's social media presence and created photo and blog content to expand Swiftwick's customer base and reach. All while sporting the most comfortable socks around, of course.


  • Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Book Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Copywriting

  • Ambassador Management

  • Product/Lifestyle Photography

Mountain biker riding through the desert


Swiftwick came to us without a universal brand book to align their communications across the organization. Swiftwick needed an updated look and consistent coloring to align their packaging, website, social media presence, and digital advertising. The Swiftwick brand book was born.

shot of the Swiftwick brand book

The brand book introduced design elements like green triangle features (emulating the Swiftwick logo), new photography standards, and new colors for Swiftwick's sock lines. We ironed out the brand story and gave Swiftwick a clear picture of their tone, target customer, and brand personality. This included a ton of content writing with clarity and strength to highlight the American-made brand ethos and intrinsic belief that how you do small things is how you do all things.

​A brand book allows a company to clearly communicate brand standards to every employee, thus allowing employees to align all communications with the brand look and tone. This is critical to build brand recognition among consumers whether they're interacting with the brand for the first time or the hundredth time.


Alongside the brand book, we also provided Swiftwick with creative double exposure photographs to represent individual product lines. They reflect the introspection and presence involved in movement and show the importance of the outdoors in each activity. The background color represents each product line's color, and the activity depicted also aligns with the sock's use. The consumer is able to picture themselves in each of these bodies and each of these places -  and Swiftwick socks can get them there.

Close up image of Swiftwick socks on mountain biker


WHEELIE took on social media management for Swiftwick in November 2019. Social management for Swiftwick includes creating posts for their social platforms, interacting with customers on each platform, reporting social data to the team, writing blogs for the Swiftwick website, and managing the athlete team. 

Swiftwick Instagram story example showing mountain biker and common questions
Swiftwick Instagram story example showing mountain biker and product info
Swiftwick Instagram story example showing mountain bikers and product tips
Swiftwick Instagram story example showing mountain bikers and questions for audience


iphone showing Swiftwick's Instagram page with image of mountain biker
iphone showing Swiftwick's Instagram page with multiple posts

We implemented new hashtag strategy and posting schedules for Swiftwick to increase their visibility on the platform. We also implemented a shoppable feed with to encourage clickthroughs to the website.

Instagram stories were previously underutilized on Swiftwick's feed - so we added polls, questions, shopping links, and informational blog posts for followers to engage with. This allows Swiftwick to get in front of customers in a whole new way and easily collect market research data from relevent consumers.

Screenshot of Swiftwick Instagram page showing Highlight section prior to Wheelie update
Screenshot of Swiftwick Instagram page showing Highlight section prior to Wheelie update





Friends celebrating post mountain bike ride in their Swiftwick socks



The impact of a brand book is monumental. Brand guidelines and standards allow for all employees to understand tone, personality, and key details to keep all messaging clear and consistent. This creates a strong brand voice which in turn drives brand recognition. Over time, the consistency will build trust among consumers and grow the audience. Pairing brand awareness with a strong social presence helps get Swiftwicks on more feet. The best socks ever deserve nothing less. 

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