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What do you stand for?

A dialed creative offering for brands that need help articulating + amplifying all the good things they're up to + (benefit). 

It's called Corporate Social Responsibility.

(That's an intense name for using your brand to make the world a better place.)

REBRAND YOUR BRAND is a 12-week, live, custom digital program

for in-house marketing teams who run outdoor/action sports/lifestyle brands that are ready to evolve with a changing world to stay relevant, stay profitable, and make a greater impact in the world.


Through a unique blend of group workshops followed by weekly, one-on-one meetings with our team and your team, you walk away with a fully-custom, updated brand with a plan.

Rebranding requires clarity, commitment to change, a Dropbox folder bursting with fresh new assets, and a bulletproof strategy to release your updated brand into the wild, both internally and externally. Without seasoned strategy, solid direction, and a team of talented creatives ready to make it happen, this process can be overwhelming.

The Wheelie Rebrand Program can breathe new life into your brand and save you years of expensive lost opportunities caused by complacency. We’ve spent the last 13 years helping hundreds of awesome brands go from stagnant to thriving. We’d be honored to work with you, too.


If you lead an existing business that grosses $5M+ per year, and you know your brand is capable of having more impact (and profit) by showing up in a more authentic way, this program is for you.


A global pandemic has made a lot of things unpredictable; shipping, inventory, staffing, and even the way we do business. If your brand voice needs refreshed and amplified, this program is for you.


This program involves marketing, leadership, and even HR, so it is most effective when your whole company is as jacked as we are about making your brand more modern, relevant, and profitable.

"We were selected for the first round of the Title Nine Pitchfest!!! A huge part of this was to have Wheelie crushing our rebrand with killer design! We sent them the look book so they could see the whole line, and I'm sure they were drooling over that look book!  THANK YOU and cheers to all you badass women that make shit happen.

Amelia Leme

Founder, Mana Threads


When you go through a program, you walk away with

completely custom creative work that sets your brand up for success.


Here's a checklist of what deliverables you can expect:

  • New logo and look/feel.

  • Redefined mission/vision values.

  • A brand book explaining it all. 

  • A digital asset pack of all the files you'll need.

  • A step-by-step launch plan on how to release this baby into the wild.

  • Guidance for your HR director and managers on how to introduce the rebrand internally for less turnover and more buy-in from your entire team.


We also discuss custom items specifically for your brand for an additional investment. (New package design, for example, may be critical to your brand. This investment will be discussed individually and early, confidentially per brand.)


The Rebrand Program highlights the impact your rebrand can make and gives your whole team reassurance that you're getting things done in the right order. 


Through our bulletproof creative process, you end up with a Dropbox folder of clearly-labeled assets that set you up for success for years to come.


You'll leave the program with a guided launch plan that your team will be able to implement with the grace of an eagle and the stealthiness of a cougar. 


12 weeks of live, digital workshops and sessions, and you get a full rebrand that can make your brand more relevant, profitable, and adaptable for modern business success.


Is The Rebrand Program right for you + your leadership team?

The Wheelie Rebrand Program is not for the faint of heart. It's an intensive, 3-month program for existing, values-driven brands that are ready to dive deep, commit to walking the talk, and leave the program with a brand that is fresh, innovative, and ready to impact the world.


That means you'll have a new look and feel, refreshed vision and values, and a comprehensive launch plan by May 1, 2022.



Kick things off with a full-day, digital workshop led by Lisa Slagle, founder of Wheelie, where you receive educational, interactive speeches with guided worksheets around topics including Change + Impact, Brand Positioning, Mission + Messaging, and WHY your brand is here. Why the rebrand? Why now?

  • Explore what your brand stands for and how it can change the world. 

  • Understand how rebranding will make you money, save you money, and areas where not rebranding has cost you money. (Let yourself be surprised- this is a fun one.)

  • Get ready to go deep. This is the foundation for creating work with impact, and the baseline for the type of work you'll be making with WHEELIE for the next 12 weeks.

  • Bring coffee. Lots of coffee.

This week will ask big questions, create clarity, and ensure your rebrand is off to a beautiful start.


There are 12 weeks of live, digital workshops and sessions to empower your brand to finally get this rebrand designed & launched and start showing up in a more modern, authentic way to do business better.



In this half-day workshop, you'll explore how your business' values are and are not reflected in your brand, how that can improve, and what could be updated for future-proofing how your brand shows up in the world, both visually and tangibly. We talk about what it means to honor your customers and what is in and out of alignment.



  • Understand your brand in context and culture and where you've been crushing it and/or missing the mark.

  • Consider your brand's ecological and environmental impact and what you can and cannot change/control.

  • Imagine a better future for your customers and how your brand can lean on its values to contribute.

You'll also get your first one-on-one digital video meeting with your internal team + the WHEELIE team, where we debrief your findings and questions, and assign you any specific work or research to prep for next week's milestone 1-on-1 meeting.

High-Level Info:

  • Everything is online, LIVE, and takes place between February 1, 2021 and May 1, 2021. (You get a schedule way ahead of time so you know exactly what you're getting and what to expect and when to expect it.)

  • You must apply for this program. We only accept 3 brands in each program. We make sure none of them are competitors. (example, a bike brand, a nutrition brand, and an apparel brand would be great program cohorts.) We do have a wait list.

  • You get your own account manager and creative director that you can contact at any time to help guide you through the process.

Workshops + Sessions

  • WORKSHOPS are educational, collaborative full or half-day digital events where you can expect to listen, learn, think, and make. You can choose to work within your team or alongside another brand that is also in the program-- whatever you're most comfortable with. Workshops are led by some of the industry's finest minds, and you get one-on-one follow-ups with every single speaker.

  • SESSIONS are confidential, weekly one-on-one meetings with your team and the Wheelie team where we dive DEEP with your brand, reveal what we've been making just for you, and go over all the creative and strategy every week so you feel informed, excited, and ready to manage the rollout.



This week is a big step toward rebuilding your brand for the future. Bring any decision makers to this one-on-one intensive because this is where we go over your workshop work, get granular, and develop a custom plan to future-proof your brand.


  • Develop a custom plan for YOUR brand. (Maybe it's weak on messaging, but you want the logo to stay fairly similar. Maybe your values are changing and your supply chain needs to as well. Maybe the mission is morphing into something bigger, and you need more content writing than you expected.)

  • Openly discuss longterm vision and budgets and then curate a plan that works for the ecosystem of your brand for the remaining 9 weeks as well as to infinity and beyond.

  • Get stoked- things are getting real.

You likely want your leadership team in this meeting and any key stakeholders that want a say in the overall direction of how deep this rebrand will go.



During this phase, we dial in the specific design and creative for your brand. We have weekly creative check-ins with your team to share the process and outcomes.



  • Behind the scenes, our creative team will be dreaming, designing, writing, and building your re-brand while staying in communication with your team so you know what you're getting, when, and what's expected of you.

  • Watch your rebrand go from 3 concepts to creation of your new look and feel. (The Big Reveal meeting is legendary.)

  • Understand how the pieces integrate, so you can rock a strong, cohesive brand that stands the test of time and increases customer understanding and loyalty.

Your Account Manager will send you a schedule ahead of time so you know what and when is expected of you throughout this process, so we all collaborate with ease.



Bring your HR Director to this half-day digital workshop + follow-up session - it's about how to integrate the rebrand with your company culture, reduce turnover, and level up with grace.


  • Solidify strategies for engaging your internal team at all levels so no one feels surprised or left out.

  • Define how to talk about the rebrand in-house so there is team cohesion and ease through the change.

  • Ask the hard questions in a safe, confidential space and work through the answers so you feel emotionally and tactically prepared when it's go time.

Save money by increasing retention and planning for the unexpected from internal culture and external conversations.



In your final half-day workshop at week 5, you will be pushed to explore how you're going to release this rebrand into the wild. If you have a PR partner, bring them to this one!

  • Ensure all customer touch points will be consistent for the best brand transition possible to retain customers and start earning profits from new energy around the brand.

  • Develop a plan your in-house team feels good about executing before, during, and after the rebrand launch.

  • Feel confident about the order that things will be happening and level up with ease.

You'll also get multiple one-on-one follow-up sessions with your internal team + the WHEELIE team, where we help manage the process and get you what you need for file types and creative.



This session is outrageously satisfying. You will have seen drafts of it along the way, but this is the week where you really, really see your rebrand come to life. A great brand book is key for an organization to have because it ensures everyone is on the same page with the rebrand and knows why/when/how to use all the kickass creative assets.



  • Understand how to use a brand book for guidance.

  • Ask questions about any of it-- get as granular as you'd like.

  • Know which file types go with which environments.

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment. We've been through a lot together, and your rebrand is oh-so-real now!

  • Rest easy that your hard work will pay off.

At this stage, you can request small tweaks or edits or additions to your brand book and assets, but you'll find that your rebrand is shaping up with revitalized energy.



Pop the kombucha, baby. Week 11 is open for crossing t's and dotting i's. And during our final week together, we virtually meet with our group participants and have a big reveal party.

  • Celebrate with other program participants.

  • Reflect on the creative process and how far your brand has come.

  • Ask any last minute questions.

  • Kick your feet up for a hot minute. This is a big deal.

Big high-fives, friends. You did it. 

Keep implementing the plan and keep your brand on a path toward continued success.

It's the perfect time to rebrand.

Say yes to this adventure. We have your back.





Applications are open until Jan. 11, 2022.
This is an intensive program, and we're only accepting 3 brands into it at this time.

(Don't worry-- if the timing isn't right for you, we will run this program again in the spring. Fill out the form below to get on the waitlist and opt in to other creative programs and curriculums we will be offering in 2022.)


Can't wait to share the details!

"Since we launched our new look, we have gotten dozens of brand leads - we had never gotten leads from our website before. We are so stoked. This total redesign was critical to our business and we are so glad we went with WHEELIE."

Kenzie Rodriguez

VP Marketing, Outdoor Prolink

The Wheelie Rebrand Program is intense, collaborative, and fun as hell.


We've been listening--really listening-- to the kinds of conversations our clients have been having as they roll into 2022, and we think This Rebrand Program offers what a lot of brands just like yours have been needing.

It's for brands that are ready to think deeply, stand for something, and market what matters.

Standing for something

is the new standard.

We did NOT make these national Super Bowl '22 commercials, but they serve as timely, relevant evidence that even the big guys are seeking to benefit the world.

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