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So glad you're here.

Everyone has it in themselves to be creative. We want to share our favorite creative tools with our audience in order to spread more creativity in our community!

This page contains affiliate links.


Adobe is must-have software for every creative endeavor. Unleash the power of creativity with Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, Acrobat, and countless mobile apps. (Students save up to 60%!)

creative live

Level up your creative knowledge with over 2000 classes taught by the world's top creators. Courses cover topics like graphic design, branding, photography, productivity, and more!


Need to transcribe a video or podcast episode? Look no further than Descript - we use it to create transcriptions for every episode of Outside By Design. Descript allows you to record, transcribe, edit, mix, collaborate, and master your audio and video in one app.

creative market

Looking for a standout font or some hand-drawn icons? Creative Market has the goods. In fact, they have over 250,000 purchasable items to choose from - so they have something that fits your project.


Delicious, non-alcoholic beer for people with taste buds. Founded by two craft beer lovers who wanted to cut back on alcohol without compromising on flavor. Enjoy free shipping on two or more six-packs!

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