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We’ve packaged our time-tested creative process into offerings that set your brand apart from the rest. Just like your go-to survival kit (or road biking kit, or camp kitchen kit), Wheelie kits combine our most popular creative services into bundles containing everything you need to get your brand to the top - with none of the time-wasting, budget-busting filler. 


How do we know these kits are tried-and-true creative solutions for your brand? This is not our first rodeo. It's like our 500th. We know how to make creative work that deeply connects with your audience, and we know how to wrangle and rally the industry's best talent. We've spent 13 years curating our elite team of creative professionals - so we can compose a team that aligns the needs of your project. From creative direction to booking athletes to hanging off cliffs with very, very expensive cameras, we have this process dialed, from the timelines to the deliverables. You leave your project with completely custom creative solutions tailored to your needs.


Buckle your helmet and double knot those laces - you’re getting kitted. 

"We were selected for the first round of the Title Nine Pitchfest!!! A huge part of this was to have Wheelie crushing our rebrand with killer design! We sent them the look book so they could see the whole line, and I'm sure they were drooling over that look book!  THANK YOU and cheers to all you badass women that make shit happen.

Amelia Leme

Founder, Mana Threads


Looking to nail your branding? Got goals to 3x your sales next year? Want to launch a product so successfully that you sell out in the first week? Tired of wasting time (and budget) dreaming and are ready to level up how your brand shows up?


There’s a kit for that.



Our Flagship Kit:  Campaign Content 

Our most popular creative kit: setting your team up for success with a campaign built out from start to finish PLUS an arsenal of creative content ready to be released into the world. With a heavy focus on video (it’s 2023, y’all), this kit is the choice for brands looking to launch a new item, break into a new vertical, or show off their best sellers through a proven, efficient creative process.


Duration: 10 weeks.

(Note: We only have 5 openings per quarter, and these book fast.)

You get:


  • Campaign Concepting

  • Creative Direction

  • Pre-Production

  • 2 shoot days in 4 locations with our A-Team film crew

  • Brand Content Pack

    • Full video (horizontal and vertical)

    • Subsidiary Cuts (trailers, product focuses)

    • Social Content (reels, ads, teasers)

    • Edited Still Photography (print and web)

  • Optional Add-Ons Available

    • Studio photography, copywriting, landing pages, package design, etc


Investment Starts at 90K. Tons of bang for your buck on this one.






Legacy Brand Video Kit

Content is king these days, as TikTok won’t let you forget. If you’re investing in a brand video, it should also provide a plethora of content that can be repurposed across platforms for the most bang for your buck. 


Like a Twizzler’s Pull ’N’ Peel, our legacy brand videos seamlessly weave together multiple narratives into a cohesive, visually compelling story - and each narrative can be pulled apart to stand on its own for specific products or demographics...

bite after cherry-flavored bite. 

Duration: 8 weeks

You Get:


  • Story Concepting + Creative

  • Creative Director + Producer Dream Team

  • Pre-Production

  • 2 shoot days in up to 4 locations

  • Brand Video

    • Long cut brand video

    • Social cuts for reels/TikTok

Investment Starts at 50K. 



Product Launch Kit - Photography

Announcing your brand’s latest brainchild to the world should feel as awesome as jumping a waterski through a flaming hoop in front of a beautiful sunset (and if you want it to look like that instead of just feel like that, we can make it happen). This kit provides your team with everything you need to take that new product from zero to hero. 


Duration: 8 weeks 

You Get:


  • Photography (studio and lifestyle)

  • Creative Casting

  • Digital Asset Pack

  • Step-by-Step Launch Plan

  • Quippy Product Copy

Investments Starts at 20K




Rebrand Kit

If you think only struggling companies rebrand, think again: Velveeta, MEC, McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, and Facebook have all rebranded in the last year. Rebranding allows your brand to show up in a more modern, authentic way in order to do business better. What is it costing your brand to remain stagnant while the world around it progresses?  Get ready to go deep with this one.


Duration: 12 weeks (note: we have 3 openings per quarter.)

You Get:


  • New Logo, Look, and Feel

  • Redefined Mission, Vision, Values

  • Brand Book

  • Digital Asset Pack

  • Step-by-Step Launch Plan

  • Guidance for Internal Launch


Investment Starts at 90K

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